English to French only

French : I live and work close to your clients
Knowledge of English culture : expatriation to Canada
Trained and certified in translation 
Rigorous and reliable

I am your only contact. Each project is treated with the utmost professionalism. Together we define your expectations, your budget and delivery date. I identify your specific needs and the context in which you evolve in order to help you deal with business challenges and opportunities as you step on to the international stage.

  1. Quality
  2. Meeting deadlines
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Professionalism

Helping you to achieve your communication and sales goals due to my understanding of the French-market and using the latest pratices in translation.

Areas of expertise

Medicine - Pharmacy
I translate your medical documents or marketing materials into perfect French
Tourism - Culture
I help you to promote your tourism and cultural products as you step on to the international stage

Medicine – Pharmacy

  • Medical records,
  • Patient handouts,
  • Conference abstracts,
  • Surgical procedure reports,
  • Scientific articles,
  • Educational materials,
  • Clinical trials,
  • Medical equipment catalogs,
  • User manuals,
  • Technical data sheets, etc.
  • Healthcare practitioner (dermatologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist, etc.),
  • Manufacturer of medical devices or pharmaceutical products,
  • Research manager or medical editor in the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Publishing director of a specialized journal,
  • Teacher-researcher in a public or private organization,
  • CEO of a medtech or biotech start-up, etc.
  • Insulin pen user manual,
  • Information brochure on urea cycle disorder (UCD) in children,
  • Informed consent form (treatment of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation),
  • Instructions for use for diamond-coated dental burs,
  • Summary of product characteristics for an osteosynthesis plate system

Tourism – Culture

  • Multilingual websites,
  • Information brochures,
  • Tourist guides,
  • Press releases,
  • Tours,
  • Audio guides, posters and exhibition catalogs,
  • Newsletters, invites, Internet advertising, blogs and social networks,
  • Promotional leaflets on a museum exhibit, a historical site, or any art event,
  • Urban signage, etc.
  • Tourist office,
  • Travel agency,
  • Museum, archaeological site,
  • Tourist guide,
  • Tour operator,
  • Cultural institution, production agency,
  • Air, river, rail or sea carriers,
  • Travel guide publishers, etc.
  • Electronic catalogs for download,
  • E-mail information,
  • Website of an hotel situated in Dublin,
  • Description of self-catering cottages
  • Audio guides and exhibition catalogs for an European museum

Do you need a French translation specializing in
medicine, tourism/culture?